Family-Themed KLCS Program Nominated for Imagen Award Two Years in a Row

LOS ANGELES – Families matter at LAUSD! For the second consecutive year, the KLCS original monthly program “Families Matter” has been nominated for an Imagen Award, a prestigious honor that recognizes positive portrayals of Latinos in television and film.  Owned and operated by the LAUSD, the family-theme show was selected as a 2013 Imagen Award nominee in the category of Best Local Informational Program.

The nominated episode, “Getting Ready for College,” focused on the District’s goal to graduate 100 percent of its students college-prepared and career-ready, while also guiding parents on how their child can prepare for and achieve a higher education.

Sporting their college gear and surrounded by university and college banners in the October 2012 episode, the hosts of “Families Matter,” Mónica García, LAUSD Board President, Maria Casillas, Chief of School, Family and Parent/Community Services, and Nury Martinez, Board member, emphasized that preparation for college begins in the home and in our schools.

“We are proud and honored to be nominated for the Imagen award,” said Board President Mónica García. “We continue to push for more positive representation of Latinos in the media.  Our goal has been to build awareness and consciousness in our communities about the opportunity to access services and support our children’s success.”

The hosts stressed college counselors offer invaluable support in navigating college admission policies. Providing specific steps, Neena Agnihotri, a college counselor at Monroe High School, shared strategies and tips on how to guide students toward higher education early in their educational journey.

Debuting in 2011, “Families Matter” was based on a concept by Board President García and  Casillas. The program provides vital information to parents and tools to help their children succeed in school. The monthly series is an informal conversation amongst hosts and guests to address timely issues with candor, sensitivity and warmth. “Families Matter” consists of two 30-minute programs, one in English and one in Spanish.

“It is a privilege and joy to produce and direct such talented and dedicated public servants as Monica Garcia, Nury Martinez and Maria Casillas,” said Barry Kibrick, KLCS producer/director.  ““Families Matter” is an influential project dedicated to improving student achievement by helping parents help their children. I am honored to be involved in such a program, and to work with such gracious hosts and the many wonderful experts they brought to the show to benefit the entire district and L.A. Community.” 

Other nominees in the Best Local Informational Program category are:

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The Imagen Award honors positive portrayals of Latinos and Latino cultures in entertainment. Since 1985, the Imagen Awards, also known as the Latino Golden Globes, has honored the best and most talented portrayal of Latinos in television and film.  

KLCS-TV-The Education Station-is a noncommercial educational television station licensed to the LAUSD and is a member of the Public Broadcasting Service.  Established in 1972 and a multiple Emmy® Award winner, KLCS inspires learners of all ages to higher levels of achievement and personal and professional growth through the use of programs and services that educate, inform, and enlighten.

Another episode from the 2012-13 season of “Families Matter” recently won a TellyAward for its “Healthy Habits” episode. The show described the District’s pioneering efforts to improve school food with its new healthy menu and how parents can help their children develop healthy eating habits at home.

The Telly Awards honor the very best film and video productions, groundbreaking online video content, and outstanding local, regional, and cable TV commercials and programs.

KLCS is one of only five television stations in the nation licensed to a K-12 school district.

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