Year-Round Enrollment for Select Magnet Schools

There is now year-round enrollment for select magnet schools, also known as Continuous Enrollment Magnet schools:
  • Dr. Sammy Lee ES (Medical and Health Science)
  • Irving MS (Advanced Math, Music & Engineering)
  • King MS (Film and Media)
  • Sun Valley MS (Engineering Arts and Technology for Global Progress)
  • Sun Valley MS (Environmental Studies Through Arts and Sciences)
  • Sun Valley MS (Biomedical Sciences, Engineering and Leadership)
  • Wright MS (Engineering and Design)
  • Crenshaw HS (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, and Medicine)
  • Crenshaw HS (Visual and Performing Arts)
  • Crenshaw HS (Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology)
  • Westchester HS (Health/Sports Medicine)
  • Westchester HS (G/HG/HA/Aviation/Aerospace Science)
  • Westchester HS (Environmental/Natural Science/Engineering)

Apply online or download the Choices application from the eChoices website to enroll in any of the above magnet schools throughout the year at:

Priority will be given to students residing within the attendance boundary. All other eligible LAUSD students will be selected provided there is still space available.

Please be aware that transportation routes and pick-up/drop off locations have been established for the 2013-2014 school year. No new stops will be added. Before choosing a school, you may call the Transportation Services Division parent line at (213) 580-2950.

For a chance to enroll the the District's other magnet programs, please return to the Choices website during the magnet school application period beginning in October.

Currently, there are 182 magnet programs throughout the District. All students including English Learners, Special Education and Gifted/Talented students are encouraged to apply. Reminder: Due to the limited number of openings at some magnet schools, acceptance is not guaranteed. 

For more information on the application process, magnet programs, Permits With Transportation (PWT), NCLB-Public School Choice (NCLB-PCS) and other LAUSD programs, please visit

Source: Student Integration Services at (877) 462-4798, (213) 241-4177 or (213) 241-6572