LAUSD "Everyday Heroes Recognition Program" Honors Seven Classified Employees

Highlighting our exceptional employees, LAUSD’s Everyday Heroes program honored six classified employees and one Employee of the Year at the Personnel Commission meeting on May 29, 2013.

The six classified employees were named “Outstanding Classified Employees,” for the first quarter of 2013.

Diane Caperon, a School Administrative Assistant at Ricardo Lizarraga Elementary School, was selected as the “Exemplary LAUSD Classified Employee of the Year.”

Her supervisor, Principal Delores Manrique, spoke briefly about Diane’s dedication, positive attitude and her “above and beyond” performance.

The six “Outstanding Classified Employees,” were also honored at the Personnel Commission meeting as quotes taken from the honoree nomination forms were read aloud.

“Eduard Ulloa is a true Titan on our campus”

“It takes a person like Sandy [Jones-Seck] to make a difference in our District; she makes a difference every day.”

“He [Alphonse Duncan] is a quiet hero…We are very lucky that he is assigned to our school. We all feel just a little more safe with him at our school site."

The “Outstanding Classified Employees” received congratulatory certificates signed by Superintendent Deasy and Dr. Janalyn Glymph, Personnel Director.

Ms. Caperon, a former “Outstanding Classified Employee” recipient, will be highlighted on KLCS, the Organizational Excellence Classified Training Branch website along with the “Outstanding Classified Employees” honorees.

To recognize an exceptional LAUSD Classified employee, go to the Everyday Heroes webpage. It only takes a minute, and it can have a huge impact on an employee.

From LEFT to RIGHT in image---
Eduardo Ulloa, Plant Manager III (Supervisory/Managerial)

Alphonse Duncan, Building& Grounds Worker (Facilities)

Linda Georgia, Food Service Worker (Nutrition/Food Services)

Rebecca Armenta, Special Education Trainee (Paraprofessional)
Diane Caperon, School Administrative Assistant (Exemplary Classified Employee of the Year)

Philip Chang-Chien, Web Architect (Technical/Professional)

Sandra Jones-Seck, Senior Office Technician (Clerical)