6/14/13 - ALL: Big news…ISIS is moving forward as MiSiS -- My Integrated Student Information System

Schools are going to see major changes in student data systems in the months to come. My Integrated Student Information System—or MiSiS—is the new generation of managing student data in LAUSD. We are making significant changes that will provide student data access on a whole new level using technology that is robust, flexible, user-friendly, and cost-effective. Find out more about the My Integrated Student Information System in the frequently asked questions below. An introductory flier is also available for download.

What is MiSiS?

MiSiS—which stands for “My Integrated Student Information System”—represents the next generation of the District’s systems for entering, managing, analyzing, and reporting all data connected to any student. While the general purpose of the system has not changed, the District is moving in bold new directions to ensure that our student data systems function properly, are easy to use, and provide everything we need to make the right data-driven decisions about our students.

What does the “M” stand for in MiSiS?

The “M” stands for My in My Integrated Student information System. Moving forward, the District is creating new ways for teacher, parents, office staff and others to play an integral role in guiding development of the software. The key is to include those who use the system every day in the decision-making process about how we build it so we can ensure it is easy to use and provides what users need. The word “My” in the name underscores the importance of the users’ taking ownership of building and improving a system that is important for what they do.

How is MiSiS different from ISIS?

MiSiS is really the next generation of ISIS. The overarching goal is still to provide the District with a comprehensive and modern web-based system for managing student data. Legacy systems (i.e., elementary and secondary SIS) will still go away in the near future. However, we are building new modules and upgrading existing modules using more reliable, user-friendly, and cost effective technology.

Does this mean that ISIS is going away?

No. The ISIS system as you know it is evolving into something that can do what ISIS does already but do it better and do a great deal more. Teachers will still be able to take attendance and report grades electronically, counselors will be able to manage student records, and families will have access to student data. However, the look and feel of the systems will improve, will work more reliably, and will be easier to use.

How can I learn more about MiSiS?

Learn more about what’s happening with MiSiS, test out some of the upcoming tools, or participate in feedback sessions by visiting the MiSiS home page
http://isis.lausd.net Source: Office of the Chief Information Officer