LAUSD is Proud to Recognize LGBT Pride Month

LAUSD believes all of our students deserve the opportunity to succeed. We also believe it is equally important to provide a safe and encouraging learning environment for all of our students, including our LGBT students.

From programs specifically tailored for LGBT youth to the guidance counselors on our school sites, LAUSD wants to ensure all students and parents that we are committed to creating inclusive and affirming school campuses.

Click here for LAUSD Human Relations, Diversity & Equity’s resources for students, teachers and parents 

Click here for information on Project 10, An LAUSD Program that offers technical and educational support to schools for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) students:

Click here for information on Project SPIN, An organization formed The LAUSD, community members and a coalition of organizations to support LGBT Youth in our schools:

Click here for GLSEN posters and other excellent resources: