Statement from LAUSD Superintendent John Deasy Regarding Gov. Brown’s May Revise Budget

May 14, 2013

“While continuing to analyze the Governor’s May Revision, based on preliminary discussions and review, I strongly support the improvements and funding augmentations for the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) included in this budget.  I believe Gov. Brown deserves a large amount of gratitude for a very thoughtful May Revise. This governor continues to lead with equity, rigor, and support for all youth. 

Critically, the governor’s revisions would provide the necessary funding for the nationally adopted Common Core instructional curriculum and testing model. The budget also would provide one-time funding of $170 per student for instructional materials, technology and professional development that support the Common Core for the next two fiscal years.  Also, there would be a $240 million increase in education funding across the state, distributed using the governor’s Local Control Funding Formula, which I strongly support.

This increased funding is paired with stronger accountability measures. I applaud the governor for fighting to maintain local control of funds. Further, the budget would provide for reductions in the debts the state owes to districts across California by paying down deferrals of payments, which would reduce operating costs for districts forced to borrow to cover the state’s cash payment deferrals. 

Additionally, the budget includes provisions allowing school districts to partner with community colleges to deliver robust adult education programming across the state. Thanks to the governor for his continued commitment to students, who have historically been underserved.”

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