4/19/13 - ALL: Update: Permits and Student Transfers for 2013-2014

Incoming and outgoing inter-district (district to district) permit requests for the 2013-2014 school year can only be accessed on-line and are processed by the Office of Permits and Student Transfers. The outgoing inter-district permit period will close on April 30, 2013. Incoming inter-district permits are available year round with no closing date and require prior LAUSD administrative approval.

The intra-district (LAUSD school to another LAUSD school) permit process does not require an on-line application. The paperwork can be accessed at a school or district office. Prior principal approval is required by both the home and requested school. The inter-district permit (BUL-5341) and intra-district permit (BUL-5347) policies can be found on-line in “Inside LAUSD”.

For more information contact: Nancy Gutierrez, Pupil Services and Attendance Coordinator, at 213-202-7581 or nancy.gutierrez@lausd.net.

http://studentpermits.lausd.net Source: Permits and Student Transfers, (213) 202-7581