Statement From Superintendent John Deasy Regarding The Class Survey

Message from Superintendent John Deasy:

This groundbreaking survey represents the voices of an extraordinary range of religious, political, civic, and community leaders across the city. I‘m tremendously gratified and heartened by their profound knowledge of, and passionate involvement in, the future of public education.

The astonishing 78% response rate heralds a new day for parent and civic engagement in Los Angeles. Above all, the survey stands as an unshakeable commitment to youth rights.
It’s absolutely critical that this administration continue to move the reform agenda overwhelmingly endorsed by the respondents. We are being held accountable for preparing our students to face the economic, environmental, political, and social challenges of the 21st century. Our core constituents -- administrators, families, and teachers – deserve and expect nothing less.
With the election of a new mayor next month and, in July, the beginning of a new term for the Board of Education, we are preparing to write the next chapter in the history of Los Angeles. Nothing is more critical than public education to determining whether that chapter will have a happy ending.
While the responses to this survey indicate that we are moving in the right direction at the Los Angeles Unified School District, they also send a clear message that this agenda must move quicker and with more courage. My administration will continue to work closely with all those who care deeply about our youth to realize the high expectations and hope for our schools reflected in the CLASS survey.

For link to survey report, click here
Contact: Tom Waldman, (213) 241-6766