KLCS Featured Documentary Invites High School Students to call into the Show.

“SOS: Sustaining Our Society,” is a documentary that follows the journey of Dr. Imran Farooq who as a post doctorate student at USC, developed a replicable model to stabilize neighborhoods that were devastated after the economic crisis. He went into some of the hardest hit neighborhoods in Southern California where foreclosures and unemployment derailed communities at large. Farooq’s model stabilized those neighborhoods from foreclosures, trained unemployed military veterans for green jobs and attracted community development.

The documentary is a call to action for other troubled communities to take up similar efforts in their own neighborhoods.

Immediately following the documentary, LAUSD high school students will be able to call into the show or send questions via social media as part of the one-hour live discussion with Dr. Imran Farooq, Professor Leonard Mitchell, executive director of USC’s Center for Economic Development and Ken Simmons, chief operating officer for the Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles, who will speak about the Jordan Downs housing project in Watts.

The live discussion with LAUSD high school students will reveal insights on how education can be a catalyst to make a positive change.

LAUSD high school students can call in with their questions during the live discussion via telephone (1-800-527-8839) Students can also submit questions through social media on Twitter @DrImranFarooq, and stay connected on updates through Facebook.com/DrIFarooq