Deasy, L.A. Unified Board Save 208 Jobs

LOS ANGELES (Feb. 13, 2013) — Superintendent John Deasy of the Los Angeles Unified School
District offered a solution that Board of Education members unanimously agreed on
Tuesday that prevented more than 200 school counselors, psychologists and social
workers from receiving layoff notices.

Deasy suggested funding the employees from the district’s general fund, rather than
from individual school’s budgets, which likely would have led to job cuts for the next
school year. The staff members, which cost about $20 million to fund, include
secondary counselors, pupil services, attendance counselors, school psychologists,
psychiatric social workers, and library media teachers.

Scheduled to vote on the layoff notices, the board approved the amendment by a 7-0
vote. The move means that $20 million intended to pay for staff jobs now will be
covered by district funds. The result saved 194 full-time jobs and 14 part-time positions.

“I could not possibly support sending layoff notices at this given time,” Deasy said.
“These support services personnel are vital to the health and well-being of our

The February board meeting represented the first since 2008 without layoff notices that
reached 11,000 at the peak of the Great Recession. The reductions occurred, in large
part, because of state budget cuts for public schools.

The state imposed a March 15 deadline for the district to submit a balanced budget.
Making estimates based on a worst-case scenario, the district proposed trimming more
than 200 health and library workers. The superintendent’s plan, however, led to
retaining those jobs.

“We stand for teachers, counselors, administrators and every other person who helps
our student’s graduate ready for the 21st century,” Deasy said. “We have and will
continue to support our district employees so they can teach, inspire, support and
create a successful learning experience for every student, whether they are based at
schools or the central office.”