Schools Recognized for High Academic Performance Scores

LOS ANGELES (Feb. 12, 2013) — Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) Board Members
proudly read a roll call of honor, at today’s meeting. They saluted campuses that are
new to the ranks of those that have scored at least 800--the state goal--or topped 900
on the Academic Performance Index (API), which charts the progress of students in
California’s public schools.

Superintendent John E. Deasy included the good news based on the most recent
results in the report he routinely gives at the start of regular board meetings. He said,

“We are so proud of our schools and we would like to welcome 120 schools to the 800
and 900 API club. These schools represent the best of the Los Angeles Unified School
District and we are so proud of their hard work in exceeding the state goal of receiving
an 800+ or 900+ Academic Performance Index score during the 2010-11 or the 2011-12
school year.

“The teachers, students, school staff and parents have worked together to create an
engaging and thriving learning environment. In turn, their students are demonstrating
the skills and knowledge that will help them graduate college and career-ready,” he
said, adding, “Keep in mind, these are just the schools that have scored 800 or 900 for
the first time, and we have pages of them.”

After the Superintendent spoke at the board meeting, the shout-outs started with School
Board Member Dr. Richard Vladovic, District 7 and proceeded in the order in which they
sit at the horseshoe table. He was followed by Board Member Nury Martinez, District 6;
Board Member Bennett Kayser, District 5; Board President Mónica García, District 2;
Board Member Steven Zimmer, District 4; Board Vice President Tamar Galatzan,
District 3 and Member Marguerite Poindexter LaMotte, District 1. A complete list of the
schools, identified by board district, is attached.

Each school will receive a banner proclaiming API 800 + Honor School or API 900 +
Honor School. The printing of those banners was sponsored by The LA Fund for Public
Education in celebration of the accomplishments of these individual schools in moving
students forward in their learning.

Overall, more than 250 LAUSD schools attained API scores of 800 or higher in 2012.
The majority of them are elementary schools, however, fifteen middle schools also hit or
surpassed that mark as did six high schools.

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