Message from Superintendent Deasy on Race to the Top Grant

November 1, 2012

Today the Los Angeles Unified School District sent an application accompanied by a letter to U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan asking that the Department of Education consider the District’s application for $40 million in Race to the Top funds, despite the grant request not having received the support of United Teachers, Los Angeles. 

Although UTLA refused to be a partner in this critically important grant, I will advocate for it on behalf of the administrators, students, and faculty of this District. To that end, I have instructed staff to submit an application with all required signatures except that of the teachers' union.

I am seeking the support of the DOE to hire hundreds of faculty to support the absolute rights of all youth to a quality education.

The grant, which received unanimous support of the Board of Education, would better enable youth across the District to remain on track to graduate college-prepared and career-ready, which is a promise this administration has made to the families of more than 650,000 LAUSD students.

I want to make the case that here in Los Angeles, after months of trying repeatedly to form a partnership for youth and faculty on this issue, our students should not be penalized due to the absence of a UTLA signature.

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