Corporate Partners Helping LAUSD Boost Student Attendance Rates

LOS ANGELES (Oct. 1, 2012) - The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) is partnering for the first time with Clear Channel Media + Entertainment and other corporate partners to encourage and reward students with perfect attendance through a program formally known as the “LAUSD I’m In School Attendance Challenge.”

Starting today, through April, students can say “I’m In” by coming on time every school day, all day, to qualify for a drawing of prizes. High School seniors achieving perfect attendance from October through April will be eligible at the end of the school year for a random drawing that includes two brand-new cars as grand prizes. All students with perfect attendance during the challenge period will be eligible to win one of five iPads®.

Awards also will be given to the schools with the most improved and excellent attendance, including $3,000 cash awarded to seven schools, a private Disney movie screening for an elementary school, or a concert for a secondary school.

“Students who compile excellent attendance records are more likely to perform well in school,” said Superintendent John Deasy. “I’m grateful to our corporate partners for their commitment to ensure that students from kindergarten through high school are in class and learning.”

The challenge will also offer rewards to students with perfect attendance each month. The prizes include gift cards, bicycles, amusement park and movie tickets and more.

For more information about the 2012-13 LAUSD "I'm In" School Attendance Challenge, visit and