School Board Encourages Students to Register to Vote

LOS ANGELES (Oct. 9, 2012) — The Los Angeles Unified School District Board of Education today unanimously approved a resolution by Board Member Steve Zimmer urging the Superintendent and staff to encourage students to register to vote in time for the November 6 election.

Zimmer's resolution includes a declaration of Tuesday, October 16, 2012, as "LAUSD Voter Registration Day."

“One of the most important moments in a young person's life is the moment they register to vote," noted Zimmer. "There are almost 11,000 18-year-olds in our high school classrooms. We need to reach out to these potential voters."

Zimmer has repeatedly and forcefully noted the high stakes for the LAUSD in the coming election, which includes two propositions to increase funding for public education in California.

"One of the most important days of the present life of LAUSD will occur November 6," said Zimmer. "Never in the history of public education has more been at risk."

"For these reasons, we declare October 16th LAUSD Voter Registration Day," he added. "We will spend the day visiting senior government classes, parent centers and adult schools. We intend not to leave a single LAUSD voter unregistered. We will not leave a single voter uneducated. The stakes for our children are just too high."

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