L.A. Unified’s Board Supports November Ballot Plans for Funding Schools

LOS ANGELES – The Los Angeles Unified School District’s Board of Education voted unanimously Tuesday in favor of resolutions supporting two propositions on the November ballot that would provide hundreds of millions of dollars for public education in California. 


The resolutions call on the board to inform voters about how the initiatives will provide “urgently needed funding for public education.”


Proposition 30 would increase personal income tax on annual earnings of $250,000 and over for seven years, and increase sales and use tax for four years to raise money for public education. Proposition 38 would among other things increase personal income tax rates on annual earnings over $7,316 using a sliding scale for 12 years. 


Last year, the District closed a $390 million deficit.  Over the past five years, the LAUSD deficit has been a cumulative $2.8 billion. 


"The LAUSD endorses all efforts to increase resources and support to ensure students are college-ready and career-prepared," said Board President Mónica García. “By endorsing Proposition 30 and Proposition 38, the LAUSD Board of Education joins with others who want to stop cuts to education and essential services.”

“The Los Angeles Unified School District, like every school district in California, is on the ropes financially,” said Board Member Bennett Kayser. “California schools were already in the basement compared to other states in per-pupil funding, but the recession is having an even more devastating effect on our schools and the next generation. Once the pride of the nation, California’s spending on public education is slipping further and further behind other states. I urge voters to please get out there and support our kids on Election Day.” 


“As a parent, taxpayer and school board member  I am proud to support Proposition 38 because of how vital it is to funding our children’s future and restoring California’s standing as a leader in education,” Board Vice President Tamar Galatzan.  “It is a disgrace that our state funds education at lower rates than 46 other states. Proposition 38 will prioritize education funding, create jobs and brighten California’s future.”  


In regards to Proposition 30, Galatzan said, “Passing Proposition 30 will prevent us from making further cuts to public education in California, which would be devastating to our children.”


"In the past five years, LAUSD has weathered a total budget deficit of $2.8 billion,” said Board Member Nury Martinez.  “We have had to make devastating cuts to programs and services and lay off more than 12,000 employees while our remaining teachers and staff continue to share the burden by taking unpaid furlough days in order to maintain quality instruction and keep our students safe.”