L.A. Unified Releases Strategic Plan to the Public

LOS ANGELES (Aug. 20, 2012) - The Los Angeles Unified School District has released its strategic plan, charting a course of action that is intended to make every graduate college-prepared and career-ready.


The District designed a roadmap for academic success that transforms teaching and learning at every school. The plan links the District’s beliefs, mission and vision into a strategy. That strategy, containing data that can be monitored for progress, raises academic standards and holds the District accountable for improving student outcomes.


The report outlines how the nation’s second-largest school district has begun transforming from merely staying compliant with state and federal laws into a culture of performance.


“We want the public to make sense of our roadmap, so they see a direct link between our goals for student achievement and the work that’s taking place,” said Superintendent John Deasy. “We want people to understand this work so we can engage in honest, two way-conversations.”


The strategic plan states that every student will graduate college-prepared and career-ready, if the District:


  •          Transforms human capital by ensuring there are effective employees at every level of the organization focused on improving student outcomes.
  •          Gives students and parents a portfolio of high-quality school choice.
  •          Holds itself accountable through strong performance management.

Board President Mónica García added: “The Board of Education is committed to delivering our promise of educational opportunity for all youth. Doing any less for this District is not an option. We want every student across the District to reach their potential for greatness.”


The heart of the District’s plan is connecting the teacher, the student and what is learned, known collectively as the instructional core. The District is committed to expanding teachers’ knowledge and skill; providing academically challenging content and fostering highly-engaged and life-long learners.

Please read the full report at: http://www.lausd.net/lausd/offices/Office_of_Communications/LAUSD_Strategic_Plan_2012-2015.pdf

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