Open Enrollment Application Process for 2012-13

LOS ANGELES – Monday, May 7, is the starting date to apply for open enrollment transfers in
the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) for the 2012-13 school year.

The District’s state-mandated open enrollment policy enables students anywhere in the LAUSD
to apply to any regular, grade-appropriate Los Angeles public school with designated open
enrollment seats. By May 7, all schools will have reference lists in their main office with the
names of the campuses with open enrollment seats available in 2012-13, as well as the number
of seats available at each site. This information, along with the open enrollment application, may
be downloaded from the web at: The deadline for applications is Friday,
May 25.

While the final numbers are still being determined for the coming year, it is anticipated that
approximately 11,000 seats will be available at approximately 300 schools based on staff’s
knowledge of new housing and other demographic trends in the local attendance area. Last
year, the District had 9,600 seats at 270 schools.

The District does not provide school bus transportation for the open enrollment program. Thus,
District officials suggest that parents plan the driving distance between their residence and the
schools they are requesting when selecting an open enrollment school.

Open enrollment transfers are issued on a space-available basis only. No student living in a
particular school’s attendance area will be displaced by a student requesting an open
enrollment transfer. A new application must be submitted when an open enrollment transfer
student is ready to enroll at the next school level (elementary to middle school, for example).

Because of limited space, enrollment at the next school level in the regular feeder pattern is not
guaranteed through the open enrollment process, and the student must reapply and be selected
in a random drawing if space is limited. For example, an open enrollment transfer student who
attends Hale Middle School is not guaranteed a spot at El Camino Real High School, the senior
high school in Hale’s feeder pattern.

Beginning May 7, parents and guardians can obtain open enrollment transfer applications at
their child’s current LAUSD school of attendance or at any LAUSD school. Applications can be
downloaded from the web at:

When the application is completed with the signature of the principal (or a designated alternate)
for information purposes only at the current school of attendance, the application may be
dropped off or mailed to the requested school site.

Parents may apply for open enrollment transfers to as many schools as they wish. If parents are
applying to send several children to the same school, they must complete a separate application
for each child.

After the application period ends May 25, schools with more applications than seats available
will hold random-selection drawings between May 29-June 1 to determine who will receive
invitations to enroll. Schools where applications have been submitted will notify parents of
drawing locations and times. Parents and guardians may attend the drawings if they wish.

After all designated open enrollment seats at a school are allocated, the drawing will continue
with the remaining applications. The applicants’ names will be placed on a numbered waiting list
in the order drawn. If one of the students in the initial group decides not to enroll, then everyone
moves up on the waiting list. However, if one sibling’s name is drawn for a transfer, then all
siblings who applied to the same school will also be granted transfers.

The District requests that parents who have applied to and received enrollment invitations from
more than one school notify the other schools after they have made their decision about which
school to attend. This will allow the school to release a designated seat to another applicant.

For schools with open enrollment space remaining, the deadline to apply will be Friday, Aug. 31.
Parents may apply to those schools as long as seats are available, even if their children were
not selected to attend other schools under the earlier open enrollment application process.
Once the Aug. 31 deadline has passed, no new applications will be accepted for the 2012-13
school year.

Open enrollment transfers are valid until a student completes the final grade-level at the school
where the transfer is granted. Students must reapply if they want to transfer to a different
school, including matriculation from one school level to the next (example: from elementary to
middle school or from middle to senior high school.)

For additional general information about open enrollment transfers, parents and guardians may
call the District’s Master Plan and Demographics office at (213) 241-8044. After the application
period begins on May 7, it is recommended that parents and guardians call directly to their
child’s current school.