SAT Summer Workshops

LOS ANGELES (July 12, 2012) - The Beyond the Bell Branch (BTB) of the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) has partnered with DeVry University to offer SAT workshops this summer to graduating students in the class of 2013 from select high schools. Participating high schools are: Dorsey, Gardena, Jefferson, Monroe, North Hollywood, San Fernando and Valley Academy of Arts and Sciences. This program will begin on Thursday, July 19.

“For more than 80 years, DeVry University has been committed to making college accessible to those who want to pursue higher education,” said Scott Sand, Ph.D., president of DeVry University’s Los Angeles metro campus. “Helping students prepare for the real challenges they will face in the future is a responsibility we share with the LAUSD.”

Beyond the Bell has been working with DeVry to coordinate this effort with each participating school. Alvaro Cortés, Executive Director, said, “As a partner, Beyond the Bell has worked to ensure that students in LAUSD have access to a high quality, safe, and supervised academic program. We have always sought support from community and private groups. Given the current economic climate for education in California, we are working especially hard to continue to provide students academic opportunities they would not otherwise have. We invite further partnerships to help support student this summer and all year long.”

DeVry will cover all material costs for the program, including the hiring of LAUSD teachers to facilitate these workshops. Schools have agreed to recruit students from the class of 2013 to participate in this effort, and to provide classroom space at the school sites. The workshops will consist of two hours of English and two hours of math support daily. School principals will be on-site to provide supervision; many of them have taken a personal hand in promoting the workshops.

Students who are interested in the free SAT summer workshops can call Victor Gonzalez at 213-241-3107.

Contact: Victor Gonzalez
              (213) 241-3107

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