Statement from LAUSD Superintendent John Deasy Regarding Gov. Brown's "May Revise" Budget

May 14, 2012

“The Governor’s May Revise assumes that voters will pass his tax initiative in November. This makes all the numbers in the budget dependent on an election that has not happened yet, and thus makes final local budget decisions, extremely difficult if not impossible. If, the measure passes, this will give schools some badly needed funds that have been promised over the past several years. If voters do not pass the initiative, the results are so catastrophic it is simply untenable. I am deeply concerned about the cash disbursements required to run the District. This issue is absent from the current budget conversation. This budget signals an increased reliance by the state on local districts to solve cash flow, which the state is deferring. Secondly, I am deeply concerned that yet another major program has been moved into the Prop. 98 Constitutional guarantees as a way to “fund” the mandated formula. This time, the supplemental Quality Education Investment Act (QEIA) is switched from additional funding to Prop. 98 funding. We appreciate the state is trying to live within its means while protecting education, but it is painfully clear that schools are not going to get better until the state gets better fiscally. As a state, our youth will determine our future. They are the next innovators, small business owners and members of the 21st century workforce. It is vital that we invest in our future today and tomorrow.”