Response to Assembly Education Committee’s Rejection of SB 1530

June 27, 2012

Superintendent John Deasy, Board President Mónica García, and board members Tamar Galatzan and Nury Martinez:

"Today, the state Assembly acted shamefully in voting down a bill that would have finally allowed parents to feel confident that teachers accused of sex, drug, or violence offenses involving children would be swiftly dismissed from the classroom.

Passage of SB 1530, sponsored by State Sen. Alex Padilla (D-Pacoima), would have gone a long way towards restoring the trust of parents that everything is being done to keep their children safe in the classroom. But with this vote, the state is sending the exact opposite message: That the status quo prevails.

Have the members, who voted against this bill, learned nothing from Miramonte and other scandals involving horrific acts against children? Is it really more important for them to satisfy union demands than to change a system that is not in the best interest of parents and children?

Among its many critically-important provisions, this bill would have allowed evidence older than four years to be considered in cases involving suspected abuse. Had school districts been granted this right earlier, some high-profile incidents of inappropriate conduct and worse would never have occurred.

We applaud Sen. Padilla and the supporters of the bill for seeking to do what’s right by the children of California.

We are going to fight even more vigorously to assure that this legislation becomes law in California. Our kids and their parents deserve nothing less.

We need leadership that will stand up for children. We must fight, even among allies, when we fall short in protecting children's rights."