Deasy to Offer Funding Alternatives to Keep Youth Services Afterschool Program

June 27, 2012

Los Angeles Unified School District Superintendent John Deasy announced today that he intends to bring a set of fiscal options to the Board of Education to maintain funding for the District’s afterschool program next year. Deasy said he made the decision after being urged by each of the seven LAUSD board members to preserve the program.

“This move, while not without risk, is necessary,” said Deasy. “Though funding is
extremely tight, we must do all that we can to preserve vital programs that serve some
42,000 children across the city.”

Elimination of the afterschool program had been proposed as a means of helping to
close the District’s $390 million deficit for 2012-13. The Board is scheduled to vote tomorrow on the Superintendent’s final 2012-13 budget.

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