Schools Reach Tentative Accord With Sergeants and Lieutenants

LOS ANGELES (June 22, 2012) - The Los Angeles Unified School District announced today an agreement with the Los Angeles School Police Sergeants and Lieutenants Association that saves jobs and cuts costs at a time when school funding has been sharply reduced.

The agreement will be brought to the Board of Education for adoption June 28th. But District officials were pleased the two sides fashioned a proposal that outlines a plan for union members during the coming school year.

“I’d like to thank our police sergeants and lieutenants for their cooperation in saving good jobs,” said John Deasy, the District Superintendent. “Their commitment not only preserves employment, but also allows us to give students the services they need to learn.”

Under terms of the deal, employees will take 10 unpaid days between July 2012 and June 2013. The number of furlough days could be reduced if voters approve Gov. Jerry Brown’s initiative on the November ballot, Deasy said.

“In these difficult times for public funding,” Deasy said, “we’re hopeful that voters approve the governor’s measure and restore needed funding for public education.”