LAUSD Board of Education Approves 10-Day Furlough Agreement With UTLA

LOS ANGELES (June 12, 2012) - The Los Angeles Unified School District’s Board of Education voted unanimously today in favor of an agreement with the teacher’s union, UTLA, requiring teachers to take 10 furlough days in the 2012-13 school year. If approved by UTLA, this new agreement will enable the District to restore more than 4,000 jobs that had been tentatively eliminated for next year.

The agreement also allows the District to restore:
• K-8 Class Size to current levels
• Elementary Arts programs to current levels
• A partial restoration of the School Readiness Language Development program, an oral language program intended to prepare students for kindergarten)
• School nurses to current levels
• Librarians to current levels
• Secondary Counselor Ratios to current levels
• A partial restoration of Early Childhood Education
• A partial restoration of ROP (Regional Occupational Program)
• A partial restoration of Adult Education CTE (Career Technical Education) and other programs

The agreement calls for teachers to take 10 furlough days: five school days, one pupil free day and four non-paid days.

“By approving this agreement, our employees and the District have partnered to restore programs in Adult Education, Early Education, SRLPD, and Art Education,” said Board President Mónica García. “In addition, so many jobs are retained for our community. My community is grateful for these shared sacrifices.”

“I’d like to thank our entire negotiation team for bringing forward this settlement and agreement,” said Board Member Steven Zimmer. “I would also like to thank our labor partners for asking the LAUSD family to sacrifice so we can remain as whole as possible. There has been a lot of noise about labor unions and its problems. But, the labor unions need to be recognized, because they have been the ones who have needed to sacrifice. The unions put kids first so our youth can stay in stable schools.”

“On behalf of the parents and students of this district,” Board Member Bennett Kayser said, “a huge ‘thank you’ to our LAUSD employees, who have sacrificed 10 days of salary to help keep our schools open. Don’t tell me that our public sector union members and the ‘Beaudry bureaucrats’ don’t care about our kids. LAUSD employees are subsidizing Sacramento’s failure to adequately fund public education. It is shameful. We eagerly look forward to the day when the wealthiest 1% sacrifices 10 days of their salary for public education as LAUSD employees have just done!”

Board Member Nury Martinez said: “I cannot thank all our labor partners enough for agreeing to the furlough days that will enable us to start restoring jobs and critical programs such as adult education, early education and our invaluable elementary arts education. This sacrifice demonstrates our employees' profound commitment to the students of LAUSD.”

Board Member Marguerite LaMotte thanked the Superintendent and the bargaining units.