LAUSD and the Service Employees’ International Union Announce Tenative Agreement On 10 Unpaid Furlough Days

LOS ANGELES (May 25, 2012) – The Los Angeles Unified School District and the Service Employees International Union announced today a tentative agreement on furlough days for the 2012-13 school year that preserves thousands of union jobs and full-year assignments totaling more than $40 million. The District will designate the positions to be restored.


 “With this agreement, the District recognizes the valuable role played by the SEIU membership in helping students learn,” said Superintendent John Deasy. “I’m especially grateful that our partners with SEIU took this action during these tough economic times.”


“While this agreement represents a sacrifice for cafeteria workers, special education employees, custodians, and other members of SEIU Local 99,” said Bill A. Lloyd, the union’s executive director, “as parents of children at LAUSD, we also understand that it is necessary in order to save good jobs and the services our children need to learn.  LAUSD’s commitment to working with our union to preserve jobs demonstrates their recognition of the valuable role SEIU Local 99 members play in a student’s education.” 


The agreement requires SEIU employees to take 10 furlough days between July 2012 and June 2013.