LAUSD and Unit E Representing Skilled Trades Employees Annouce Tentative Agreement On Unpaid Furlough Days

LOS ANGELES (May 23, 2012) – As the already critical state budget forecast worsens for the 2012-13 school year promising yet another year of record layoffs and deep cuts to services in the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), a tentative agreement was reached today between the District and Unit E of the L.A./Orange Counties Building & Construction Trades Council.

In response to LAUSD’s urgent and severe budget crisis, the proposed agreement would require employees of Unit E to take 10 unpaid furlough days during the next school year.  The agreement with the Trades Council will provide more than $2.6 million in furlough day income to help solve the District’s ongoing fiscal concerns.  Unit E members will continue to work on an A-basis schedule enabling them to complete critical repairs to schools on an ongoing basis.

“Again, our valued employees are willing to share the sacrifices necessary to save jobs and services,” Superintendent John E. Deasy said. “Our students will benefit, and for that I am grateful.” “The affiliates of the Los Angeles/Orange Counties Building & Construction Trades Council realize that the tentative agreement that was reached with LAUSD was again a necessary move due to the bad economy and the fiscal crisis facing the School District,” said Ron Miller, Unit E Business Representative. 

He added, “Our members take great pride in being the best-trained craftsmen and women, and providing a safe and comfortable environment for the children and the faculty of the school district.  The Building Trades and its affiliates continue to work with the District to develop innovative opportunities to bring savings to the District, maintain and upgrade District infrastructure and keep our members on the job.”

To take effect, the tentative agreement must be ratified by the Unit E membership, and be approved by the Los Angeles Board of Education.