LAUSD Board of Education Votes to Raise Passing Grade From ‘D’ to ‘C’

LOS ANGELES (May 8, 2012) – The Los Angeles Unified School District’s (LAUSD) Board of Education voted 4-2, with an abstention, to implement a passing grade of ‘C’ beginning with the graduation class of 2017. The vote also implements a rigorous A-G college curriculum beginning with the class of 2016.


Superintendent John E. Deasy expressed satisfaction with the board’s decision. “I am very pleased we stood for advancing youth’s rights today, and we increased rigor for all students,” said Deasy. “We said publicly we believe in all youth and this will help all students graduate from college and become workforce ready.” 

Board President Mónica García added: "Students, parents, and community leaders continue to demand their rights to a quality education that graduates each student college ready and career prepared. Our communities continue to call for solutions and educational justice, including access and support to pass A-G."


The vote aligns the District’s graduation requirements, known as A-G, with both the University of California and the California State University systems. The board’s action included an amendment by Board Member Steve Zimmer requiring a minimum of 210 credits to graduate and an amendment by Board Member Tamar Galatzan that asks the superintendent to provide more funding to make this new policy effective for all students. 


“Just changing standards without taking steps to ensure that our children are ready for the rigorous curriculum is a recipe for failure,” said Galatzan. “Today's board report encompasses professional development, curriculum alignment, and a key piece –

revamping our promotion policy in third-, fifth- and eighth-grades. Let's demand high standards, and give students the resources they need to achieve them.”


Board Member Nury Martinez, who voted for the measure, said: “LAUSD is making a pivotal decision in the way we will prepare students. Going forward with A-G implementation not only represents a long-term commitment to educational excellence, it will ensure that all of our students are mastering and passing core courses, are competitive and, most importantly, will have the option to attend a four year university.”


The A-G Requirements include 15 courses:


-Two years of social studies such as World or U.S. History

            -Four years of College Preparatory English

            -Three years of math, Algebra 1 & 2, Geometry

            -Two years of lab science

            -Two years of same world language

            -One year of visual and performing

            -One year of electives