Sharefest to Bring Campus Improvements to District Schools

LOS ANGELES (April 27, 2012) – Several schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), involving more than 2,000 volunteers, will receive free improvements to their campuses through a community volunteer program called Sharefest Workday.

The ninth-annual event, taking place Saturday, invites thousands of volunteers from local organizations, businesses, churches and schools to join together on service projects that make an immediate impact on communities.

“We thank the young people and all the other volunteers, who have committed to beautifying our schools through this voluntary day of service,” said Board of Education Vice-President Dr. Richard Vladovic. “Many volunteers will be able to point to these schools—with pride—and say they had a hand in creating an enduring change at these campuses.”

District schools scheduled to receive assistance are: San Pedro High School, Carson High School, Narbonne High School, Gulf Elementary Catskill Elementary, Dodson Middle School, Taper Elementary and Holmes Elementary. The schools have signed up students, teachers and staff volunteers, adding to the 2,000 overall participants at District campuses.

The improvements at District schools are part of a broader effort that involves 5,000 volunteers at 55 locations in the South Bay and Harbor areas. These enhancements have an estimated worth of about $1 million, according to Sharefest, but cost the recipients nothing.

At Carson High, for instance, more than 600 volunteers, including employees form the Watson Land Co. will improve the garden, computer lab, and paint multiple murals that total 20 projects overall. It is expected to be the largest project site. 

Volunteers also will create a living quilt of organic produce on vacant land at San Pedro High. The fruits and vegetables cultivated on campus are expected to be donated to local food banks and meal programs.

"Each year, I am again reminded of how much our community can accomplish by banding together," said Chad Mayer, co-founder and executive director of Sharefest Community Development. "Not only will these much needed improvement projects beautify our schools and cities, but also create a lasting, positive change."