Forms and Policies
Forms and Policies

Welcome to the Parent Forms page. Parents/guardians can download the school forms in the desired language, complete the form on a computer, print, sign, and return to the school. Downloading the form to a computer does not automatically transfer your information to the school.

This form provides the school with the required contact information for your child. It must be completed at the beginning of each school year (or whenever there is a change in information) and provided to the school.

Parents/guardians/caretakers wishing to enroll a child for the first time in a Los Angeles Unified school should download the Student Enrollment Form, complete electronically, print, sign and take the form to the school.

Important resources and information for all District students and parents/guardians and for those considering attending the Los Angeles Unified School District.

Important information for parents/guardians regarding the release of student directory information to authorized agencies.

Education Code 48980(a) states that School Boards are required by law to notify parents of their rights to services and programs offered by their district school/schools. Parents/Guardians must sign a notification form and return it to their children’s schools acknowledging that they have been informed of their rights.

Beginning with the 2009-2010 school year, the District is required to collect race and ethnicity data on all new enrolling students using a two-part question. Return the form directly to your child's school.

This form is a notification to parents regarding the possible use of pesticides on LAUSD campuses.

Parents and guardians can submit a meal application online starting July 2013. The application will be processed within 24 hours, and you will not have to fill out a paper application and mail it or hand it over to the Food services Manager at your child’s school.
The English Learner Master Plan was adopted by the School Board on Tuesday, June 12, 2012 with a vote of 6-0. The newly adopted EL Master Plan will help support LAUSD's staff, teachers, parents, and community to provide educational options for LAUSD's diverse student population, especially second language learners.

LAUSD has been identified as a PI local educational agency (LEA) in Year 3, corrective action.

Title I Parent Involvement Policy
The core belief that parents are our partners is the foundation for the District’s overarching policy on parent engagement and is reinforced through its Title I Parent Involvement Policy and school-level parent involvement policies.
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