Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements 
Thirty years ago, students who entered the workforce right out of high school could still get a well-paying job that allowed entry to the middle class. That time has passed. Finding and keeping a job that pays well requires higher-order thinking skills—those that we want every student to learn. We want our graduates to be ready for the 21st century workplace by making the high school diploma a document that gives students the choice to transition straight into a California 4-year college or into a career.
L.A. Unified will implement the new graduation requirements in two phases, beginning with the Class of 2016 by:
  • Raising the standards for LAUSD graduates by moving forward with implementation of A-G college-prep requirements for graduation as adopted in 2005.
  • Reestablishing the minimum number of credits to graduate from 230 to 210 (including Health) so students have more chances to prepare for and pass A-G courses. 
  • Raising the current passing grade for A-G courses to a “C” or better for the graduating Class of 2017 and beyond so students who apply to any public California university can automatically be considered for admission.

To read a document called the College & Career Readiness Through A-G, click here. Also, to see more on the subject, click here.