Office of the Superintendent

Dr. John E. Deasy

We are transforming LAUSD together so all youth achieve. All, not some, but all. 

Our mission is focused on the rights of our LAUSD youth to gain an education that prepares them for success. We must deliver on our promise to educate every student to the highest quality. We are still very much in the thick of the Civil Rights movement, only now a cup of coffee at the lunch counter is a diploma for our youth. 

WE ARE LAUSD. We will do this together--the LAUSD community, parents, students, and our community partners--so that we can share our strengths and improve upon our shortcomings. This work must matter to every one of us. Every decision we make; every plan we implement; everything must be centered around students and their educational success. 

*NEW: LAUSD believes in the investments necessary to support the youth of LAUSD, which includes aligning with the new Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) and the funding provided by the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF). Click here for more information. 

All Youth Achieving

"There is power in great teaching."

- Superintendent John Deasy

Our New Day

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