11/4/16 - ALL: Delivery of California Frameworks to All Schools

The Division of Instruction is pleased to provide every school in LA Unified with a complete set of the Mathematics and English Language Arts/English Language Development Frameworks for California Schools.
These sets include an individual copy of the executive summaries for every teacher; and four full copies of the frameworks in their entirety covering the grades at each school. The frameworks offer guidance for providing all California students a world-class education. Please keep a lookout this November at your school for the delivery of the boxes containing the frameworks for distribution. 

Digital copies are attached to this entry and are available at this CDE webpage: http://www.cde.ca.gov/ci/cr/cf/allfwks.asp
For additional information please contact: Katie McGrath, director, elementary instruction, (213) 241-5333, Katie.McGrath@lausd.net